A registered trademark:

  • Entitles you to exclusive use for the registered goods/services
  • Deters new entrants from encroaching on your market and your customers
  • Allows you to license and franchise your mark to maximise its value
  • Allows you to use it as collateral for loans or funding
  • Entitles you to take action against infringers who may cause your business damage
  • Provides a defence
  • Reassures you that your use of your registered trade mark does not infringe a third party‚Äôs registration

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  • Trade Mark, domain name and business name availability and freedom to operate searches
  • Advise on an effective filing strategy
  • Prepare lodge and prosecute Trade Mark applications
  • Worldwide Trade Mark protection using a network of highly skilled professionals
  • Pursue or defend Trade Mark opposition proceedings
  • Pursue or defend Trade Mark cancellation and invalidation proceedings
  • Provide infringement, passing off or validity opinions
  • Pursue and/or defend trade mark litigation