Updated information on the Soft Opening Period for trademark in Myanmar

The E-Filing platform for trademark resumed working on the 20th of April 2021.  So far, there have been many rumours on the closing date of the Soft Opening Period for trademark in Myanmar (it is anticipated to last for six (06) months and replaced by the Grand Opening Period. These processes can still be performed until an official announcement issued.

We advise trade mark owners of trade mark registrations in Myanmar whose trademarks declared under the Old Law or actually used in Myanmar to continue re-filing their trademarks under the Soft Opening Period as soon as possible.

The required documents can be listed as:

·  Specimen of the trademark in JPG. file with resolution at least 300DPI;

·  A list of goods and/or services in accordance with the International Classification;

·  Scanned copy of Recorded Declaration of Trademark Ownership;

·  Proof of the Trademark Notice posted in Newspapers or made known to the general public;

·  Proof of the Trademark being genuinely used within the State’s markets;

·  Proof of the marketing and promotion for such Trademark;

·  Tax receipts or payment receipts;

·  Other evidence;

·  Company registration number and Legal Entity Type of the applicant;

·  If the current Trademark owner is not the original person that registered at Deeds and Documents Registration Office, proof of the Transfer of Rights or name change of the Trademark owner is required;

·  If the trademark contains any words other than English or Burmese language, their transliteration and translation are required

Please do contact us directly for more information