Singapore will implement enhanced border enforcement measures from 21 November 2019. These enhanced measures will come into operation with the entry into force of the European Union – Singapore Free Trade Agreement and will apply to rights pertaining to trade marks and copyright.

Copyright and trade mark rights holders may request Customs to seize suspected copyright or trade mark infringing goods which are to be exported out of Singapore, upon sufficient information being provided to Customs, for example, when and where the goods are to be exported. A notice to Customs must be filed and supported by:

(i) a Statutory Declaration that the particulars in the Notice are true;
(ii) a copy of the Certificate of Trade Mark Registration, where applicable; and
(iii) payment of fees.

Prior to this change rights holders may act against suspected infringing goods which are to be imported into Singapore. To facilitate these measures a new definition for “dealer” is added and shall mean “the importer, exporter or consignee”.

More details of these enhanced measured may be found at: