March - April 2017
Where it was once a labour of love with no professional infrastructure, today we see a number of local theatre companies producing a wide variety of shows, from musicals to cutting edge experimental theatre. Foreign productions come to Singapore with top Broadway and West End musicals and plays. Local production companies produce these well-known musicals and plays with equal appeal. 2016 was a year for young local playwrights to showcase their work. With our flourishing theatre scene and a Singapore audience that demands more in terms of themes and plots, what should theatre creatives think of when it comes to copyright protection from script to stage? Who owns the copyright in which slice or nibble of the theatre pie? Theatre is after all a collaborative art and this makes it a complicated business. Tasneem Haq of hslegal LLP explores the complex copyright issues that arise from theatre productions and how these are decided by the courts.
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By Tasneem Rehana Haq
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore

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