Quarterly 2015
Societe Des Produits Nestlé SA and another v Petra Foods Ltd and another [2014] SGHC 252
The Chocolate Wars
This is the High Court's decision in the case of Societe Des Produits Nestle SA and another v Petra Foods Ltd. Nestle SA ("Nestle") filed a suit in 2012 claiming that "Take It", a series of rectangular-shaped wafer products made by Petra Foods Ltd ("Petra Foods") infringed on Nestle's trade...
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UK -Fenty & Ors v Arcadia Group
Rihanna gets shirty with Topshop in Image Battle
Pop star Rihanna has prevented Topshop selling T-shirts displaying her picture in a test case reinforcing the ability of celebrities to control their public image. The court of appeal has ruled that the fashion retailer's unauthorised use of the singer's photograph amounted to...
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Intellectual Property Office of Singapore Case Summary: Time Inc. v Li San Zhong [2014] SGIPOS 14
Time Inc., the Applicants for Invalidation ("the Applicants") sought the invalidation of trade mark FORTUNE TIMES with Chinese characters (Stylised) in the name of Registered Proprietor Li San Zhong ("the Proprietor") and registered in Class 16 in respect of...
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Are red hot soles a Louboutin exclusive?
HIGH-END French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, seeing red over other shoe brands with crimson soles, has warned shops here to stop selling them. The shoemaker owns the trademark is for a particular shade of red called Pantone No. 18.1663TP. Christian...
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Han's (F & B) Pte Ltd v Gusttimo World Pte Ltd [2015] SGHC 39
Han's a well-known chain in Singapore fails to stop HAN Cuisine of Naniwa trade mark
Well known chain Han's Case failed to stop use of HAN Cuisine of Naniwa, a high-end Japanese restaurant from using a similar HAN composite name. The owners of HAN Cuisine also failed in their application to invalidate the "Han's Cafe" as a registered...
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